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Peugeot & Citroen club
RCZ- urban sports car: a real sports car tuning and tuning a representative of the Peugeot RCZ sports car is fun to be reminded sense of fun driving high power ahniyeo in urban areas. Cactus - Camper aimed at the small CUV: Rapid tuning a new car Citroen launches scheduled for this year is to have a tooth that combines the younger camper caravan targeting owner. New Peugeot 308 - Hatchback to turn into synonymous with golf killer 308- Hot Hatch pure domestic technology to be introduced in the Peugeot top condition throughout the hard tuning New 308 2.0 diesel. DS3 Racing - limited edition models worldwide 1000: Made in a limited edition model Citroen DS3 R / Citroen in the WRC championship celebration. Korea, only five full-performance passive vehicles Limited received. Peugeot 2008 - the futuristic car ride with the whole family: Sikkim amplifies its stylish and sleek design and 2008. Peugeot enjoys great popularity in the domestic space innovation as a fundamental Exterior tuning. Our Peugeot-Citroen Club boasts the most superior energy based on the 2008 Offline to start tuning, motor sports, featuring various keontecheu the country's first Peugeot to fit in the Republic of Korea emotion-Citroen group. Korea's first Peugeot Citroen operates a dedicated tuning garage. PEUGEOT CLUB [Peugeot Club] Created in February 2008. (PEUGEOT CLUB) domain registration In April 2009, "Peugeot Day" progress since the start 30 times Since July 2010, a total of 10 national progress FRONTAL progress CITROEN CLUB [Citroen Club] In January 2012 generation. (CITROEN CLUB) domain registration Peugeot club Peugeot & Citroen proceeding Day 10 5th national meeting in progress

Auto flap duct : Based on Fluid Power Technology is a patented thread guiding domestic product registered arc Registration No. 10-1561075 . GDI, and the like Common Rail engine heat , LPI is specialized for many models Linked to kion off , and a lot can be written in various eopka dress . Engine room anodized cover: Tuning items are a unique product as a dress-up parts through anodizing , which for many cars now . Paendeung hayeoseo also add cool effects. Air trunk: By Focusing on the after- market electric trunk emissions development, open air trunk closed when the air is not a malfunction boyeojulsu performance. Opened in January 2016 Dongtan is located in ROYALTEAM. Jueopmu is a patented product development, after- market products ( goods tuning ) Construction , dress eopka production. Consumers pay twice in the location or the construction and advice so that they do not duplicate investments. - President Lee Ha-Neul

Buy car service SMART CARSCAN

The Motor Park
1. XTM The Bunker Studio ( CJ E&M ) 2. Auto Gallery 3. Super Car & Tuning car 4. Foodcourt & Convenient Facilities Introduction of Motor Park Automotive meets Entertainment! The first domestic automotive culture complex town – The Motor Park The first Motor Park, created by expertise from each environment such as Automotive, Entertainments, Culture and Arts etc, to provide new distribution paradigm of automotive, has established at Yongin, Korea with 3,000 square meters of high-tech multi studio, which will be special opportunities to share the car tuning process through a car tuning exhibition, new car launching events and music performances broadcasted by the popular TV show XTM, CJ E&M mainly, and to have experiences all festivals about car events such as a tuning car auction and exhibited tuning car driving.

TAMIYA R/C 19TH ASIA CUP FINALS 2016 IN KOREA Tamiya Korea Co., Ltd. is an exporting company which sells metal moulds and parts for precision Scale models to Tamiya Inc. Japan. And also an official agent of Tamiya INC Japan and distribute High-qualified Items in Korean market. As a leading company, Tamiya Korea expands Korean model market with lots of ideas and substantial management to make customers satisfying with good items.

ATEQ Korea
The VT56 is a universal TPMS tool. It can read all currently known TPMS sensor and re-program the sensor information through OBDII The VT36 offers functionality and flexibility at an affordable price. Designed for tough service station environments, its rugged casing and durable rechargeable battery stands up to routine activities in the service bay. The VT36 can be used in conjunction with a diagnostic scan tool, and turns off the warning light for vehicles with auto relearn or manual relearn mode. ATEQ was founded in 1975, France. About 35 ATEQ subsidiaries have been spreaded across most of developed countries in the world. Having a global advantage in the market enables ATEQ to guarantee customer satisfaction in both the quality of the instrument and the level of service and technical support our customers need. ATEQ Korea is only subsidiary in Korea and in charge of domestic sales from 1993.

DioKo. Intl
scamp13", 16" LOOKCARGO As in 1970 started making a trailer historic American brand currently 13" model 16"model 19"model consists of a camping trailer Home Essentials. Korea serves only cargo camp's look also can be ordered by size with a high utilization trailer.

ECOBURN International CO.,Ltd.
ECOBURN 3, 5, 30, 50, 200 2011 Establishment, Capital 1Mil.USD, Production of Full Combustion Inducing Agent(Reduces PM, CO, SOx, Pb, Cd, etc. Greenhouse-gas / 10~20% Greater fuel efficiency) 2011~2016 Export : China, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, Mongol, etc.

Cheilmobile co.,ltd
Coolling& heating system Products related to motor-home and caravan Cheilmobile is founded in 1997 and had a patent for a Special Vehicle. We started the motor-home caravan manufacture in 2006 and now are the biggest company for the motor=home caravan in Korea . In addition to, we import and serve the camping caravan. And we are a sole agency for many different kind of RV parts of foreign brand company and serve them to the domestic and foreign country too.

Fireball Korea
Premium Active Snow Foam(Red) Premium Active Snow Foam(Green) Premium Active Snow Foam(Purple) Premium Active Snow Foam(Deep Blue) Premium Active Snow Foam(Sky Blue) Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam(Red) Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam(Green) Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam(Purple) Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam(Deep Blue) Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam(Sky Blue) Premium Car Shampoo Premium Leather Wax Ultimate Tire Coating Wax(Blue) Ultimate Tire Coating Wax(Red) Ultimate Iron Burn Ultimate Iron Burn(Extra) Ultimate Car Shampoo Ultimate Nano Coat Ultimate Coating Wax Premium Easy Coat Ultimate Paintwork Cleaner Ultimate Tar Remover Ultimate WaterSpot Remover Ultimate Fabric Coat Ultimate Carnauba Wax Fireball Drying Towel Fireball PIN Towel Fireball All Purpose Towel Fireball Terry Towel Fireball Jet Towel Fusion Wax Brazil Wax Dok Do Butterfly Duplex Typhoon Devil's Blood Aegis Talron Fireball is manufacture and launched in March 2015 and we produce detailing items for car. We study and produce items after we test most of items which are distributed all over the world. We making more than 30 different chemical items, 4 different paste waxes and 10 different detailing goods and we are trying to provide detailing passion and emotion to our customer. We are very new but we have already 10 different distributors all around world at this moment. We expect we will make deal with more than 25 different countries all over the world. Thank you for your time.

CAR SOUNDBAR, BLUETOOTH SPEAKER, SLIM SPEAKER, SPEAKER UNITS Slim Speaker Units Created by Exelway Technologies. 30 kinds of slim speaker units developed design & mechanical advantage / easily customized / clear voice sound excellent bass sound re-production Exelway intellectual properties for slim speaker patents 21, designs 14 registered " Made in Korea - Made by Exelway "

Car shampoo, APC, washer fluid, etc

Dream Coperative
Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Refrigerant Recycling Machine Air Impact Wrentch Coolant Changer Tool Set Exhaust Gas Collector Dream-Cooperative is the first cooperative of automobile repair machine in Korea. We have done our best to the customer's needs and satisfaction through continuous technology innovation and new product development, as the maker & seller of machinery. We have confidence that “Dream Cooperative” will be the best partner for your technical & economic solutions.

Valet PRO - ValetPRO is a strong and growing UK brand supplying car lovers the products they need and want to look after their cars. We are specialists in pH Neutral formulations, and by using our knowledge and experience we have developed safe cleaning products. This means that delicate surfaces like chrome, polished aluminium or magnesium wheels can be effectively cleaned without fear of corroding the surface metal. This is something we are very proud of. Our products have been created for the dedicated car lover but because our products are so easy to use they are also valued by the less obsessive car cleaner who just wants their car to look good with the least amount of effort. Our aim here at ValetPRO is to make great detailing products customers want, thus creating customer loyalty and repeat business for our retailers. Race Glaze - More and more people are turning to Race Glaze, a growing British company, with excellent products continually purchased by existing long standing customers, people referred by them, and others we meet at shows, demonstrations and who trust us because of our reputation in our other automotive businesses. We've been doing this since 1994, so we know our stuff! Welcome to our KLASSE HOLDINGS As the Director of KLASSE HOLDINGS, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for you. First established in 2013, and ever since, KLASSE HOLDINGS, has been focused on interest field such as financial analysis consultation on a knowledge-based service. but extend business area to International trading. It’s been milestone for a long time to work in this kind of a planning role. International trading division of KLASSE HOLDINGS, as the exclusive distributor of Valet PRO, Race Glaze that have reputation from automotive care market and imports product and brands from U.K that are high valued and deliver high performance, on the foundation of our rich network. Not only do we, overall qualified KLASSE HOLDINGS, exceed market expectations through our professionalism that aims perfection, and diverse overbroad experience, we are also enthusiastic with this high aim in view. Thank you.

Autowax Co,
Autogeek brands (Wolfgang, Blackfire, Pinnacle, Mckee's37) Sonus, Fourstar, Ultima, P21S, S100, Duragloss and so on Autowax Co. ( was established in 2008 We have many disributorship of carcare chemicals and accessories in Korea. Autogeek brands (Wolfgang, Blackfire, Pinnacle, Mckee's37) Sonus, Fourstar, Ultima, P21S, S100, Klasee, Duragloss and so on

Eco Motor
bldc motor ,bldc driver Eco motor can make bldc motor and drivers for user spec.

LPG Direct Injection tuning Car - Direct injection petrol + LPG engine - Less than 5% loss of output and fuel efficiency Korea leader in alternative fuel solutions. Ro Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2013 with one main goal in mind that is to develop and provide alternative fuel solutions for automotive, transport, and Heavy duty vehicles in Korea. Among the various alternative fuels such as CNG, Fuel Cell, Hydrogen, Propane (butane), and Biogas, RO can offer the most suitable and cost-effective system for the wide range of engine types available on the market with CNG/LPG Bi-fuel system & CNG - Diesel Dual-fuel system

Linear Actuator, Control box, Lifting Column We are a company that sells electric actuator produced in Denmark, Medical, household, industrial, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. are applied to the electric system in various fields. We have a lot of experience, such as in vehicles and camping areas, If you need, please contact us.

Tuning car PROSCO provide total solution for your Company’s development. We find a solution to your problem such as Design/Drawing/Prototyping and Mass-Production as “One-Stop”. We will raise your competitiveness of development products on the basis of latest equipmen

Ultra Racing Korea
Front Strut Bar / Front Tower Bar Front Lower Bar / Front Member Brace Middle Lower Bar / Middle Member Brace Rear Lower Bar / Rear Member Brace Side Lower Bar / Side Floor Bar Room Bar / Room Cross Bar Front Anti-roll Bar / Front Sway Bar / Front Stabilizer Bar Rear Anti-roll Bar / Rear Sway Bar / Rear Stabilizer Bar Established in year 2002, Ultra Racing is a Malaysian-based specialist manufacturer in Chassis Handling and Tuning components which offers “one-piece” design of solid brackets attached to the strut bars which makes the strut bar simply more durable and provides better resistance in chassis flex. Ultra Racing distributed to more than 14 countries, Ultra Racing is now a trusted brand worldwide. Ultra Racing will also greatly involve itself in all sorts of motorsport worldwide. Ultra Racing is also the first in the country to introduce the multi-point bars, which gives superior performance against conventional bars in distributing the forces being stressed to the chassis. Followed by feedback collected from street and race track testing, enhancing, strengthening and improving the safety of the vehicle is our priority: · Design Philosophy – Enhance and strengthening the chassis of the vehicle without altering or affecting the original chassis specifications. Improve driving dynamics and drive comfort. · Safety Philosophy – Individually designed products to suit to different vehicles. The shape, material thickness and material strength is specially selected and chosen to minimize chassis damage and passengers injuries during an impact. Ranging from Front Strut Bars, Rear Strut Bars, Side Fender Bars,Front Lower Arm Bars,Anti Roll Bars,Side Floor Bars to Torsion Bars. Made-to-order service is also available. All the products are designed with safety and superior handling in mind. Ultra Racing has also been awarded the Asia Pacific Super Excellent Product Excellence Award (2007),Asia Pacific Top Brand (2009) and ISO 9001:2008 (2010). These achievements are important milestones in our quest to expand globally.


CAMPING AND BUSINESS VEHICLES(Broadcating Type/Food Truck Type/ Movable type) We make camping and business vehicles(broadcating type, food truck type, movable type) since 2011. And we are loacated in 9, Je2 bio valley-ro 5-gil, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Our goals are to provide both the single car space to relax and work place so we always try to develop new type and more convinient.

Handmade rc cars and diorama And a handmade figures and rc car ad production shows an off road performance in a diorama dedicated to the specialized exhibitions and events.

All Auto Parts Inc.
Automotive Filter & Engine Oil All Auto Parts began as Daesung filter in 1975, and has established the current foundation by enhancing the value of the customers through the best quality and service, and on the basis of creative and challenging spirit by executing changes in the physical dispositions of our products ahead of other through placement of priority on customer satisfaction and leading technological capabilities.

AVING is a Product, Company and Tradeshow media. AVING is part of NSBS Corporation run on Las Vegas, Seoul. AVING captures and makes videos marketing moments on the spot, CES Las Vegas, IFA Berlin, MWC, Barcelona, SAMSUNG headquarter and publishes on global. AVING runs in 5 language news service, English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Korean. AVING connects companies and products with professional readers globally, focused on IT/Tech, Home, Livings and Autos. AVING is a Product, Company and Tradeshow media. AVING is part of NSBS Corporation run on Las Vegas, Seoul. AVING captures and makes videos marketing moments on the spot, CES Las Vegas, IFA Berlin, MWC, Barcelona, SAMSUNG headquarter and publishes on global. AVING runs in 5 language news service, English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Korean. AVING connects companies and products with professional readers globally, focused on IT/Tech, Home, Livings and Autos.

* The car speciality monthly magazein. * The customer management program. -

Engine oil Engine coating treatment Fuel Additive Engine Flush Radiator Cleaner Anti-freeze Additive Fuel Filters We produce some specialized items, such as longer-living synthetic engine oil, which some of the largest companies seldom produce. This chemistry-professionalized company consists of two main parts, which are distribution and manufacturing, blessed by our expert personnel. The company, inspired by the enthusiasm for the best quality maintenance and updated cutting-edge technologies, has been exclusively using the finest products during the manufacturing process. This is the reason why our products have always been welcomed by our faithful domestic customers for two decades! In addition, the company was ranked as the 'promising brand among young enterprises' However, we are still doing our best more! The company mainly uses Lubrizol's specialty chemicals from the USA and several well-known synthetic base from the USA and UK. Our own blending techniques bring you oil additive for engine coating, fuel additive, and synthetic engine oil. Engine coating treatment is perfectly designed to enhance superior lubrication on your vehicle engine in regards to domestic driving circumstances, which have lots of stops and pots, and to protect against the engine wear. This obviously maximizes your engine's power and, even though you have an old vehicle, it reduces the exhaust fumes and allows graciously efficient eco-driving.

Sungwoo Technology
-. Common Rail Diesel Injector / H/P Pump Test Bench (Xpert-401 / Xpert-401M) -. Tools for repairing the pars of Common Rail Diesel system -. Actuator Tester / Signal Generator As a leading company in the culture of automobile maintenance, SUNGWOO Technology was founded in 2014. SWT's business area is as below. -. Development of Controllers including H/W, F/W and S/W -. Development, manufacture and sale of Common Rail Diesel Injector / H/P Pump Test Bench -. Re-building Common Rail Diesel injectors and H/P pumps -. Cluster Training on CRDi system and re-building CRD injectors and H/P pumps -. Technical Supports on CRDi system and re-building CRD injectors and H/P pumps

Chungbuk Technopark
Jecheon car (transportation equipment) Parts Industry Cluster Development Project ( - Members: 19 Jecheon cluster member companies - Exhibits Wheel bearings and generator start-up and tuning products, instrument panel, fuel treatments for the automotive, chemical, food truck, RV, air conditioning parts, electronic fan clutch, etc. Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province is the new growth engine businesses that support balanced regional development projects "Jecheon car (transportation equipment) parts industry cluster development business," the company supports 19 of the current cluster member companies And the company's growth through customized step-by-step support. Auto parts, tuning parts, parts bodybuilder, through corporate support and attract companies of electrical parts now central inland books To secure the base of the car (transportation equipment) parts industry to generate corporate growth and employment traction want to contribute to regional development. Business support organization specializing in public appearances Chungbuk Technopark is operating a business enterprise support. * Currently only three industries is expected to create a 34 square-year 2017 pre-sale. (Previous company and expansion Contact: 043-641-6682, 043-653-9212-3)

Voronoi Carnival Limousine Carbon Edition Voronoi is authorized by Korean ministry of land, infrastructure and transportation to build a car. we are providing a Carnival limousine upgrade service to owners of Carnival vehicle.

Meguiar`s Korea
Meguiar`s cumsumer Products 1. Wash 2. Clean/Prep 3. Wax/Protect 4. Maintain 5. Wheels & Tires 6. Interior 7. Accessories What began over a century ago as a simple furniture polish laboratory in the garage of founder Frank Meguiar Jr., has spanned four generations of the Meguiar family. In his wildest dreams, it’s doubtful that Frank Meguiar, Jr., could have foreseen what his first bottle of furniture polish in 1901 would evolve into over the next 100+ years. Meguiar’s has become the global leader in appearance care and is proud to offer our next generation of products, tools and accessories to serious car enthusiasts. We strive to set an entirely new standard for quality and performance in the industry. From his first bottle of furniture polish, Frank Meguiar, Jr. built his business on excellent products and an understanding of his consumer’s needs. Today, Meguiar’s enduring and strong relationship with serious car enthusiasts worldwide has created a level of trust and respect for the brand that transcends our products and embodies the lifestyle of the car hobby. To this day, Meguiar’s is committed to delivering products and building relationships that excite and unite car enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

PRX Final wax, PRX care liqid, NEO glass cleaner, Leather seat cleaner, Foamless shampoo, Dirt insect & dropping cleaner, Nano cleaner & Mirror surface coat, Fusso light coat, Wheel cleaner and coat, Tire wax, Dashboad & Plastic polish mist PRX Korea has joined into a partnership with WILLSON Inc. in Japan. By combining the brand power and technical know-how has been able to produce a product and it was the first to start PRX brand business in Korea. To produce a variety of products with plans to grow the car care market.,ltd
UVC type camera Category - Smartphone Endoscope Camera - Smartphone Microscope Camera - Smartphone Action Camera IP Camera Category - Netween I : Home CCTV + Router itself - Extension : Home CCTV+WiFi+IR LED for night Netween is B2C brand of CNS(Central Network Solution) established in 1960, provide ONT(Optical Network Terminal) and AP to KT. Netween has developed Home CCTV(IPCamera)and various kinds of USB camera based on wireless network and video streaming technology. Also netween endeavor to provide product with reasonable price so that customer feel free to enjoy the benefit of technology in daily life.

Three Tech Co.,Ltd.
catalog catalog

Vitour Tires Korea Co.,Ltd
Formula X Formula Z Formula Spec Z ICE LINE Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver a comprehensive line of high-quality tires. This will be achieved through a continued investment in technical know-how and technology, which will enable us to deliver the best tire for any give application. We will execute our strategy with integrity and an unparalleled commitment to our customers.

○ Polishing Pads - Various types of Wool pad, Foam pad, Orange feel removing pad, Micro fiber pad and etc ○Detail Brush - Leather and Fabric set, Plastic and rubber parts detailing brush for car interior ○ Polishing system - Dual action polishing system of Italy RUPES (Big foot system) ○ Sanding system - Sanding system of Japan KOVAX (Buflex, Tolex, Touch-up system) Manufacturer company of polishing pads in Rep of KOREA. We've supplied to more than 20 countries overseas. Our main fields are Polishing and Detailing pads and special goods for Auto after market, Polishing pads for Industry of Automobile manufacturing, tempered glass polishing and so on. We've supplied to Chemical makers, Tool maker & Sales firm, Auto parts factory supplier, Painting goods Sales companies, Foreign brand importers, Polishing products sales companies, Detailing Franchise and other variious industrial fields. - We are the company which supply ODM/OEM products at customer's needs. - Best quality products with Best price with Automate equipment system. - Any type of polishing pads can be manufactured.

Can't find parking in your city? Is a rate incorrect? Parking Park wants to know! Park your car smarter and faster with Parking Park, the largest and most accurate database(about 25,000) of parking info. Download our free award-winning parking app, now available on Android to find the free, conditional free, cheapest, closest parking around! Our app is also equipped with navigation link tools so you can easy find your destination parking area. SERVICE : ParkingPark(parking lot app) OpenWeather(forecast) Funding : April. 2015 seed money funding(Mashup Angels) January, 2016 Crowd Funding(Open trade)

10Plus Auto Repair Service
'10 Riding Council Information Service Center, OEM products for sale in the Council (engine oil, antifreeze, flush yudeung) Plus Membership Information for regular customers Maintenance that resources are scarce and the economic effectiveness and energy saving, maintenance to help you see the effect of saving resources through such a long and steady management of cars that enter the many resources in the Republic of Korea, the consumer can trust to leave and prices the maintenance of gathered himself to get out of the leading group was established.   The Council was also established for the citizens participating, DPF vehicle inspection, maintenance services for the underprivileged environments.

1. LED Lantern 2. Sanding dust collector 3. Multipurpose near-infrared dryer 4. Far Infrared paint dryer aa

Ffolding Trailer Imports in 2011 auto parts sales developed digs itself a study period of one year by the ㈜ Part four is based on based on the established automotive suspension air trailer is occupied by a large proportion of the trailer market based on a number of its own patented technology ( caravans, rooftop, trailer, etc.) we strive to raise the domestic purchase market. Base expansion and a relaxed and comfortably designed to enjoy camping air trailer of domestic Camping population gyeonjueo and imported products leading price, quality, much to the current rudimentary camping-users and existing camping customers with a tent trailer on the edge in durability When the interest is growing. Two years of planning and an error dwellings being developed Station wheeled motorcycle enforcement is committed to creating products that can absorb domestic and foreign demand for light vehicles and two-wheeler market to focus on accumulated technologies and know-how of the automotive related administrative approval for that.

Smarton Communication Co,.Ltd.
Monstergauge OBD2 Carscanner Monsterblood 100% EngineOil Monsterblood Engine Coating Smarton Communications is the company that manufactures the whole nation OBD2 Auto Scanner Monstergauge and Monsterblood 100% synthetic engine oil, engine coatings.

Common Rail Fuel Injector Tester (CDS) - Compact and light-weight Diesel Fuel Injector Testing Equipment - Verify efficiency of Common Rail injector system up to 99 percent of new injector - Carefully designed to meet today’s strict environmental regulations & standards. -Shipping Weight: 125 kg Parts Washer (PWS-2) - Improve the cleaning result with the heating system - Effectively cleans a variety of soils, oils and grease - Features hatch cover to provide safe work environment - Eco-friendly multipurpose parts washer -Shipping Weight: 80 kg Dust Collector (SDC-1) - Remove pollutants and particulate from the exhaust gases when servicing engine - Remove hazardous fume in chemical plants - Compact design and easy maintenance -Shipping Weight: 50 kg Introduction R&D in common rail diesel fuel injector field has been our priority to become a quality builder. In association with our R&D effort, we manufacture the common rail diesel fuel injector tester, the diesel high pressure tester and part washer as our main product line-up. We also have a dust collector to enhance the quality of air released from garage shops or chemical plants.

Chasunsoo is the innovative platform for buying a new car - Mobile dealing system between car customers and dealers - Mobile magazine serving new cars information, buying guide, reviews, etc. - Location-based service for automotive aftermarket retailers Wincar co., ltd. is one of the best players in the car O2O service - intends to resolve the information inequality in the car market - serves car specific information - improves your life related to cars

Nudia Inc
CHAANE- Multi cup holder CHAANE= Table Our company put an emphasis on invention to develop new products and advance branded goods domestically and internationally.

Jun fitted
air suspension , coilover , brake , alloy wheels Located in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do the production and import and sell such suspension and brake wheel. US Air Lift, Air Force air suspension, ksport suspension and brakes, KIDO suspension and brakes radi8 wheel of Korea Agency Activities in various vip style, stance , race

VNP InterBiz
1. Pico Scope Series 2. Autel Maxisys Scanner Series 3. CRDi Service Station / Injector & High Pressure Pump Rebuild 4. Brake Lathes, Air Conditioning Service VNP InterBiz is an exclusive distributor of important workshop equipment from overseas markets such as Pico Scope and Autel Scan Tool. Besides these domestic sales we are also cooperating with qualified Korean made products to sale overseas market which are CRDi Service Station, Brake Lathes and Air Conditioning Service Machine. VNP InterBiz will continue to find best products for automotive workshops and provide qualified technical supports to the customers in order to create new values in the market.

Mind.Ease Co,. Ltd
‘CARANG’ provides visiting maintenance services so that customers can save time. Even when one needs simple maintenance, such as an engine-oil change. And we will share the video shooting a scene for maintenance without causing even a small doubt about the maintenance services. When it comes with various consumable replacement cycles, we will ease the difficulties of vehicle self-management through an automatic alarm and maintenance. MindEase builds never before seen ease maintenance/ innovative car repair culture and provides a new maintenance service to drivers all over the world. ‘CARANG’ is an innovative auto repair service platform that provides visiting maintenance services by using portable vehicle lifting equipment, called EZ-LIFT, and by utilizing an app that allows users to share video related to services. ‘CARANG’ gives users the convenience of automotive self-maintenance, through automatic push notifications about various expendables such as replacement parts and maintenance items.

Challenge Motors
Food Truck, Snack Car, Others Challenge Motors would be a great partner anywhere because you can leverage our latest technology in creating greater value to your customers. This latest technology is an electronic system based on BMS (Battery Management System) and ESS (Energy Storage System.) This means that our food trucks can provide consumers with an eco-friendly environment for sanitation and the highest quality air conditioning and heating system.Our vision is to become an industry leader by harnessing an unlimited power of technical innovation, targeting the key growth business using our“smart” management process, and focusing on the global development of human resources. We want to acquire many high value-added businesses and attain financial stability in a near future. Our business and technical innovation will be the key driving force in our growth and value creation. We are ready to meet the tough challenges of our industry. Challenge Motors will be the best partner for you in delivering high quality products to your very demanding customers. Thank you.

Wastewater disposal machine, underneath a car wash, the high-pressure washer and Self a car wash Jooil environmental technology factories directly manufactured as a business registration and environmental license registration, facilities, construction and in charge of sump waste processor and premium of 100 % jisangIn a DIY car wash and flush type, 100, freeze protection underneath a car wash, 100 to 200 bar high pressure directly manufactured by installation in a car valeting, ranging from industrial sector, including washing machine constantLocal car wash by the development of technology to take the lead in the industry. All of the large car wash to a DIY car wash industry in the Interior, hand sechajang completely local car wash industry responsible for start-up consulting officials from the post a/sProfessional company

D-air Co., Ltd.
STANCED OPTIMIZE AIR SUSPENSION FUNTIONAL AIR SUSPENSION INTEGRATED PNEUMATIC SYSTEM AIR-SUSPENSION CONTROL UNIT The Company was established in March 2016, Chungnam Techno Park Automobile R & D Center. We are a company that produces stanced optimize air suspension, funtional air suspension, integrated pneumatic system and air suspension control unit. Our products are the first in the world designed to control through the app. In the future, We will do our efforts to be the best in the aftermarket through a variety of product development.

IPO, ULTIMATE, CERAMIC Since its founding in 1995, Sunbo has been kept trying for efficiency of polishing process and quality improvement in automotive polishing market. Recently, we gain affection from customers in China, USA, Japan and around 20 countries as well as korea. We’d like to respond consumer’s love with continued communication, developing products, and innovation. Please be interested in our company consistently and give advice to us a lot

Engine Oil, Fuel Additive, Engine Oil Additive, Engine Flush, DPF Cleaner, Engine Carbon Cleaner, Carburetor Cleaner, Multipurpose Lubricant, Auto Fog Sterilizer, Deodorant Agent, Chemical Boring Machine, Chemical Boring Flush NE Saver Co., Ltd. producing car care & maintenance chemicals has been established in Korea 1999.

HC Tech&Teco
Noise, Vibration, Flatness Test EVP(Electronic Vacuum Pump) DYNAMO METER soundproof Glow Plug Hctech a rich source of design experience and Design - more advanced design equipment and programs based on how accumulate to participate in the development of plant, cars and environment. The latest software and implementation through automatic teller machines r & d project the localization of the test equipment by performing the technological independence to go to open the expertise accumulated from with the goalWith advanced technology and experts consisting of company.

IX. Co., LTD
V-SCAN3000 IX automotive electronics diagnostic equipment, and constantly develop supply various measuring devices, maintenance equipment, maintenance equipment, will continue to develop the necessary products in the defense sector, I am sure as the value of the IX will become important.

AQR Chemical
- AQR Chemical - Simoniz - Auto Polisher & buff - Smart Car Wash AQR is proud of our position as one of the most highly respected car care companies. As a pioneer within the industry, we have been consistently ahead of the curve in terms of leading with the latest technology and providing high quality products and services to ensure longer lasting, better performing and safer car care. Despite continued economic uncertainty, the future looks bright for automotive industry with projections of $363.8 billion in sales by 2017, which is nearly $46 billion higher than 2013. AQR is well positioned to meet the increased demand for services, and our advanced car care technology will continue to bring higher efficiency and lower cost for the consumer. We have always made a significant investment in R&D and will continue to do so. It is the hallmark of our business philosophy. Our company also aspires to be an active player in the globalization of the car care industry. We realize the importance of a healthy interconnectivity among business partners and members and are committed to fostering that environment. We are here today because of the contribution and support we have received from our customers, business partners and members. We will continue to serve you and would like to take this opportunity to invite our future stakeholders to join our incredible journey. We look forward to many more years of success.

Suk Young Machine & Tools Co., Ltd.
-Spot welder for car body repair: Double-sided, Water-cooled -Power supply for a car -Battery charger -12/24V portable battery tester -Automatic tire inflator: Small & Large vehicle tires -Paint dryer Suk Young M&T has been a respected name in the Automotive maintenance service industry for over 40years, and has leaded the Automotive after-market with a complete line of Spot welders, Battery changers/Testers, Oil changers, Paint dryers and Parts cleaning bath etc.. We improve automotive lives of world’s customers by providing the best products and services. When you choose SukYoung, you are choosing the best possible way .

CRC Automotive Maintenance Products. Lubricants(Oils & greases)/Corrosion Inhibitors/Cleaners & Degreasers/Additives/Interiors CRC is a global supplier of chemical specialty products, manufacturing and developing specialized formulas to meet the unique needs of the Automotive, marine and other industries markets. CRC is supplying of Lubricants, Cleaners, Corrosion Inhibitors, Additives, Interiors, etc. for Automotive.

HP Tec
LED Work light, LED Camping Light, LED Work light for Heavy duty equipment HP TEC was established in 2008 as a leading manufacturer of varioud LED Off-road light and LED Work light with much higher quality and more competitive price condition. We could introduce perfect LED light solition to our customers because we had a very unique reflector system and know-how for using LED efficiently. And we had satisfied our customer with those kind of advanced technology. We have tatal solution for manufacturing LED light ; manufacturing Mold, product design and sales, marketing. That's why we can provide much higher quality product with much competitive price condtion.

HAND,AIR,POWER,CAR MAINTENANCE TOOL,TOOL BOX etc. PROTOOL.CO.,LTD. is recognized as a leading company specializing in high quality tools. We are established in 1968 by Yong soon Song, who is now the Chairman of the company. Currently, Under the leadership by Chi young Song (current president), PROTOOL.CO.,LTD. has been growing and gaining business partners from many countries over the last forty years.

PARTNER 2016 VER. BRAKE DISC LAEHE SMOOTH 6990 SPRING COMPRESSOR STAND SWING TOOL BOX Based on tedhnology land know-how we have accumlated in the automobile industry for seveal decades, Taekwang Engineeing has developed the world first accessories suitable for an automobile's each part, and is producing and supplying a mulyi-press that can replace bearings and various bushings without damaging the part Taekwang Engineering is a company that obtains the most number of patents intellectual property rights in the industry, and that exprts the most number of a maintenance multi-press

PARTNER 2016 VER. BRAKE DISC LAEHE SMOOTH 6990 SPRING COMPRESSOR STAND SWING TOOL BOX Based on tedhnology land know-how we have accumlated in the automobile industry for seveal decades, Taekwang Engineeing has developed the world first accessories suitable for an automobile's each part, and is producing and supplying a mulyi-press that can replace bearings and various bushings without damaging the part Taekwang Engineering is a company that obtains the most number of patents intellectual property rights in the industry, and that exprts the most number of a maintenance multi-press

1. Eco-friendly car mat ( eva mat dual structure , Double coil structure mat ) 2. Multipurpose life mat ( Door mat , Bath mat , Cat mat ) WENC co., Ltd. create a car culture with customers holds a number of patents from professional environment-friendly car mat manufacturer to sales. Especially the dual structure coil mat is the first domestic launch products.

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Space Solution
Introducing NX NASTRAN software. Developed by SIEMENS. Introducing function of NX NASTRAN. Demonstration of actual case of automotive components. For example structure, vibration, flow simulation. Space solution is platinum partner of SIEMENS PLM software. Also, Space solution has experts of whole PLM divisions. Our goal is supporting best product and service for each customers. Otherwise, we manage head of department about each solutions.

ISAC., Co. Ltd
Rollup Doors Speed Doors ETC Auto doors Since the establishment in 1992 we have been doing our best to become a world-class manufacturer of automatic doors by focusing our efforts to develop new products and to open up foreign markets. For example, we established our local subsidiary in China and it has consolidated its position as a bridgehead for penetrating new markets. Our strategy to open up global market on the basis of business success in domestic market will lead us to become a world-class manufacturer of automatic doors. Our business relationship with your company will give your company the competitive edge and be the next step to the success story of your company and ISAC Co., Ltd.

: Waterborne spray booth Grinding room plasma In addition to odor removal Radiation infrared heater near-infrared ray heater 3D heater Dyne Co.,ltd is a professional Industrial heater and Spray booth Company. Company set up a joint venture company in China, and has its owntechnology research and development centre. At present in China for Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other brands to provide professional Spraybooth equipment production line. Booth Dyne Co Ltd. also product Radiator Heater and industrial Heater. We have thirty years of professional experience in production heater, ensure the product quality.

Goyang K World co.
Goyang Auto Service Complex public relations 0

R & LAUNCH Corporation
LAUNCH X-431 PAD2 - Adroid system based new general diagnostor - Support reset function of almost all car brand - Full system diagnosis - Support real time update - Support extension device modules - Remote diagnosis - 10.1 Inch IPS screen LAUNCH golo easydiag - Basically support reset function - Support diagnosis of Korean and foreign car brands (Inc. Samsung and SSangyong) - Customer choose car required car brand - Support automatically read VIN code - Provide Diagnosis report - Support EOBD LAUNCH golo carcare - Customer self car maintain - Self and remote diagnosis - Support driving behavior management - Provide report of diagnosis and driving behavior - Driving route management Launch Tech Co., Ltd was founded in 1992. In 2002, LAUNCH was listed on Hong Kong's GEM board (Stock Code: 8196). In 2011, it was successfully listed on the Main Board of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 2488). LAUNCH is one of the first high-tech enterprises in China who dedicated to auto diagnosis, test, maintenance and the R&D and production of tire-related equipment. Over the years, based on the auto diagnostic technology and the advantage of brands, LAUNCH has been leading the auto diagnostic tools industry. In 2013, LAUNCH adjusted its development strategy and committed to becoming a core enterprise for global Internet of Cars. LAUNCH persists in technological innovation and independent R&D. For now, it has the world's largest and most skilled R&D team in this industry. Besides R&D centers in Shenzhen and Shanghai, LAUNCH has also established R&D teams in America, Germany, Japan, Korea and Latin American areas. With many years of experience, LAUNCH has now possessed hundreds of patented technologies and has been awarded hundreds of certificates by government agencies and authoritative magazines in China, America, Germany and Australia, etc. LAUNCH initially put forward the concept of automotive aftermarket in 1994. With advanced auto diagnostic technology, LAUNCH has developed several production lines of auto diagnosis, test and maintenance, and lifter, etc., which are providing series of professional tools for auto maintenance industry. Among them, \"Electric Eye\" has become the synonym of auto diagnostic computer. LAUNCH X431 series scanners represent the highest level of auto diagnostic technology. In the aspect of connected car industry, LAUNCH has developed connected-car chipset with self-owned intellectual property right, and series of connected-car smart hardware, providing world's first remote auto diagnostic function. LAUNCH has become the world's first enterprise possessing core technology in connected car. LAUNCH has 8 branches, dozens of offices, hundreds of distributors and authorized training centers, and dozens of industry partner groups in China. In overseas market, LAUNCH has a German subsidiary and hundreds of dealers in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Create-Change. In conformity with the enterprise culture of Innovation, Quality, Efficiency, Profession and Competition, and the spirit of people orientation and continuous innovation, LAUNCH is striding forward along the road of high tech.

Maintenance equipment DAEBU CARTECH

Qvia z970 WD : First optical zoom used on dash camera in the world / 2CH FHD SONY image sensor / 3.5 inch full touch screen / 21-language voice guidance support / Available to use Dual memory cards Max. up to 1,024GB / Real-time streaming and download available using dedicated application(Android & iOS) / Awarded Gold prize at Seoul International Invention Fair 2015 Qrontech Co., Ltd. founded in August 2006 is the Korea’s only company specializing in the dash camera solution to self-develop navigation, DMB and OBD II module as well as dash cameras. Qrontech described as a modifier of always 'First', 'Best' realizes relentless product development based on its craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. And in 2016, Qrontech has launched 2nd brand Qvia by introducing new models and continuing market leading.

Daewha Alloytech Co.,Ltd
Lubrication performance enhancer containing nanocrystals of ~ 10nm. - NanoRex Volt, Thunder - Nano Glider Pro 5W30, 5W40 - Pro-Rex - NanoRex Pro(vessel) Daewha AlloyTech was established under the foundation of selling special steel and Tungsten Carbide. with the power of advancement our company have partnered with other oversea companies to create and develop nano-diamond engine oil enhancer. This project was successfully launched and the product currently on the market.

C & K CO., LTD
1. Brake Disk Lathe 2. Workshop Press 3. Automotive Oil Flushing & Exchanger 4. A/C Equipment Machine Over 20 Years of Excellence, Brake Lathe Quality Builder! DBL-series brake lathes and PS-series workshop presses are manafactured in South Korea to meet the highest global standard. With heavy-duty cast construction and premium features as well as our incredible post-sales support, you will find your money's worth with all our products. Our premium models are currently being sold in worldwide markets and we hope to have you as our next loyal client.

SK Rent-a-car
Long term-Rent CAR - Operate the vehicle used to rent it directly without buying 24-48 months in the long run. The available long-term rental is conveniently SK dedicated to all vehicle management, including insurance, taxes, vehicle management, incident handling service. Ease of long-term rental - Initial unit cost of everything is Zero! Tenant- registration taxs, bond purchases, installment interest, fees, insurance, taxes 0 won! - The cost of maintenance expenditure to clear and handling costs in case of the operator - As the monthly fee including Taxes, service costs, insurance, various taxes - LPG fuel savings when using effects (petrol: diesel: LPG = 100: 85: 50) - a month rent VAT refunds processing fee for Subcompact vehicle and over 9 seater vehicles of vans - If corporations can manage and operate the vehicle without worry and without the burden of maintenance, including vehicle price losses due to accidents, rising insurance costs SK Rent Car started a long-term car rental business since 2000 about corporate customers. Be subject to a reasonable car culture, and provide customers with a high level leading Car Life. Value Short Term Rentals, TCMS (corporate fleet management system), personal term rental, long term rental and corporate including car leasing by providing a wide range of products. We create a fun culture and happy car life with customers.

DT Co., Ltd.
Tool set & Tool storage for car maintenance (AU713, AU626, AU818, AU874, AU860, AU819, AU890, AU898, MATE2100, MATE1500, MATE3100S, MATE3200, MATE4500, MATE4800, MATE7100, MATE7100C, MATE900, WING 3100S), Monitor type borescope, Air water remover, Hexa product (socket, ratchet, hinge handle etc.), Wrenches, MEGA Jack, Aluminum floor Jack, Transmission Jack, Air Tools (Air ratchet wrench, Air impact wrench etc.), Engine Tools (Engine compression gauge, Wireless chassis ear diagnostic device kit, Jump start etc.), Tire&Wheel (Tire changers, Wheel balance, Tire pressure gauge, automatic inflator kit, Balance weight), REMA TIP TOP Patches&Cement BL, Mounting paste, Brake tester, Battery analyzer, Leaking battery tester, Clip remover, LED rechargeable work lignt, Screw Driver, Measuring Tools (Digital Torque Wrench), Oil Filter Wrench, Oil Drain, Pneumatic fluid Extractor&dispenser, Lift, Hand Tools, Equipment etc. DT is number one Automative tool company in Republic of korea. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers who have much supported and encouraged us. Since the company’s establishment in 1987, we consistently committed to the advancement of the Republic of Korea Automative repair culture. We could come to this place because of the company’s commitment of development of Automative tools, our engineers hard works, and encouragement from many customers. We will always to provide quality and expert service. We will listen to the voice of the customers. We will diligently prepare to the flow of new change. We promise to become a honest company and influencing good to society. Our dedication to do constant researches and developments, we will keep this place in the republic of Korea Automative Tool Flagship brand. I would kindly ask for your continuous support and patronage. Thank you.


Nine Circle Korea Inc
100% Synthetic Motor Oil, Engine Flush Machine, Brake Bleeding Machine - business cooperation with COSDA of Taiwan local plant (State) at 2013 - 9circle Global (State) lubricante parts signed with Korea an exclusive distribution agreement - Several brands of OEM production. - Engine equipment, brake equipment, automotive products such as domestic famous brands tools ODM delivery. - Looking for partners to work together.

1. Show Up (Custom & Special Paint) 2. Daiwa Protech (Chemically activated compound & Nano metal coating) 3. Garage Everyn (Aero parts, Wheel, Muffler) 4. Cabana (Seat cover & Accessory) We, 'Os FACTORY' are the distributor of ‘SPECTRA CHROME, USA’ and ‘SIGNAL AUTO, JAPAN’ dealing with Chrome, Custom Paints, Car tuning & Dress-up and various kinds of car managing products. We will do our best efforts to provide the most preferable tuning products to our customers with a differentiated service, specialized (unique) design and competitive price.

1. Show Up (Custom & Special Paint) 2. Daiwa Protech (Chemically activated compound & Nano metal coating) 3. Garage Everyn (Aero parts, Wheel, Muffler) 4. Cabana (Seat cover & Accessory) We, 'Os FACTORY' are the distributor of ‘SPECTRA CHROME, USA’ and ‘SIGNAL AUTO, JAPAN’ dealing with Chrome, Custom Paints, Car tuning & Dress-up and various kinds of car managing products. We will do our best efforts to provide the most preferable tuning products to our customers with a differentiated service, specialized (unique) design and competitive price.

Inverter DC arc welding machine, Inverter CO2 MIG welder, inverter argon / TIG welding machines, water pumps, plasma, vehicle winch, hydraulic winches, car cranes, gantry cranes, chargers, car information costs cranes, hoists, chain blocks, lever blocks, nakche sign Our kids ohem prints Co., Ltd is located in the cheotchulbal mutually years of printing firms in 1992 with a Japanese manufacturer and distributor in China BICTOOL.ELEPHAN Korea South Korea distributors to begin making RUNVA.ROLWAL industrial material handling equipment Gradually welding cutting in industrial material handling equipment. Perforated Until jaepum And supply to the domestic jaepum better at a reasonable price

VYNMSA is one of the largest Industrial Park Developers in Mexico's Northeast and Bajio Regions. We are leaders in the construction and development Industry since 1994.VYNMSA has built more than 15 million Sq. Ft and over 200 great Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities for some of the most recognized international corporations from more than 15 countries around the globe. Thanks to our effort and hard work, we are the construction company with the largest number of Asian clients in Monterrey & Bajio; becoming a trust-worthy partner among the market. “On Budget, On Time, as promised" as our logo remarks; VYNMSA has successfully delivered (lease, sale, BTS and turnkey) projects for many different top Korean automotive companies providing high quality construction and excellent service. VYNMSA is a construction and development company with 20 years of experience building AAA Industrial Buildings with industrial Parks in Mexico for international corporations. VYNMSA is positioned as one of the most important players of the industrial real estate arena, mainly because of two aspects which have defined its core competencies: Service and Locations. VYNMSA has been able to exceed customers’ expectations by providing the best service in today’s industrial parks Mexico market. Please visit our website and contact me anytime; it will be our pleasure to assist you.

HK technology Co ., LTD
-Advance Engine Cleam Kit(HKGC-700P) -Common Rail System Advance Tester(CRDI-300T) -Portable Engine Jump Stare(HKBG-1200V) -Engine Pressure Test Kit(CPG-500G) HK Technology CO. LTD, is supplying a new solution requested high-tech for Automotive Maintenance Market. We shall be with you a best partner to focus all efforts and ability to supply developing new technologies that will help to provide customers with the quality and technological improvement of poor maintenance on-site. In particular, co-development and supply of automobile manufacturers and the engine combustion chamber polishing equipment, which has been patented worldwide as a solution to restore the efficiency of fuel consumption and carbon to remove 100% of new car engine combustion chamber level recognition of acquired skills. The road service providers of insurance companies, needs to jump-start car on the road. They have very difficult to work with equipment that makes it difficult. We are supplying a best solution which is easy to use and no need maintenance equipment for the jump-start car. Not only road service, but also automotive market, which is auto service market, we are supply this effective solution for our customer as well. We had been proved this value with the patent. In addition to the basis of a proven common rail technology, we are a distributor and service provider it is responsible for the management and follow-up maintenance battery diagnostic system which is Midtronic Inc. USA company. We had been supplying and service to automotive market in Korea, such as service center of automobile manufacturers and battery manufacturers. Finally, all employees will do our best efforts to be a company growing with customers on the basis of love, passion and commitment in the customer’s perspective.

Barm Partners Corp
Barm; Korea's 1st Auto Repair On-demand Service ⑴Repair & Maintenance Services ⑵Diagnotics & Inspections ⑶Diagnotics & Inspections Report Barm provides auto repair on-demand service in order to prevent excessive and unnecessary repairs. Our goal is to connect the customers who need auto repair service with the service station and expand the market and create values.


Automotive headrest, waist cushion, sitting cushion, automotive cow leather, leather seat cover. AIMBAN is a premium brand of SAMSUNG LEATHER CO., and established in 2015. With our 35-year exprience and know-how in automotive interior industry, we make not only unique but also useful automotive interior accessories, leather seat covers. We also export and import cow leather for automotive interiors.

-Maintenance-free high-resolution inkjet printer REA JET HR -TIJ way of portable marking machine developed from the traditional way CIJ DIRRECT JET D-480HP -High-speed inkjet marking machine printer WIEDENBACH CS-407 -Innovative industrial laser marking and coding solutions FIBER LASER, C02 LASER, UV LASER -Handheld, lightweight and easy one-button markable marking machine REINER JET STAMP GRAPHIC 970 The CIJ KOREA, industrial inkjet printer company, can provide our customers with the most advanced production line for a wide range from the heavy industry (such as electrical, electronic, wire, steel, automotive, aircraft, PVC industry) to the light industry (such as cosmetic, food, medicine). When the information like the production information, manufacturing date, shelf life and the barcode should be printed on goods, our printers can realize the high-speed printing to the products by utilizing the ink-jetting way. We share advanced experience of leading companies such as the German WIEDENBACH, REA-JET , and REINER. And we have developed our own product(DIRECT JET). We will do our best to ensure the alternative standardized at the improvement of the process. Thanks a lot.

Introduction of Carhospital application's acting as deputy of accident, quote requests, repair reservation, car care & repairs book service CAR HOSPI SOFT Co.,Ltd. is satisfied by information on the proven franchise from the user's location-based services through the Carhospital application as car repairs Request repair reservation, insurance accident acceptance, the accidents balance processing, car care diary such as car repairs Business and Total Solution that agency from beginning to end, professional agent that offers the service.

LK Precision Co.,Ltd.
- Automotive parts (Injector Holder, Window Brush parts, Fuel rail, small precision parts) - Heat exchanger (BRAZING such as BOILER heat exchanger, assistant heat exchanger, and plate-type heat exchanger) - Electronic parts (CHASSIS, DECK, washing machine parts, drier parts) We are specialized in mold design and production, PRESS processing, BRAZING and assembly UNIT, and striving for integrated management (technology, development, quality, delivery, price) to meet the needs of various customers.

Narmi Motors Co., Ltd
Camping Car & City Van used HYUNDAI Porter & KIA Bongo Trucks, Porter & Bongo Application Trucks that used Narmimotors’ Frame Extension Method. Narmimotors conducts the business in relation to after service such as manufacture, import, sales, supplying components and equipment of Korean-Type Commercial Vehicles. Also, We try hard to discover the best products equipment with various model line-up by importing and manufacturing Korean-Type Commercial Vehicles, and suggest new paradigm of Korean-Type Commercial Vehicles.

. .

J&C Road
VEHICLE STATE INFORMATION AND LOCATION MONITORING SYSTEM TERMINAL J&C Road is a private company, devoting fleet management service. Connecting communication module to GPS, it is possible to detect the location and condition of an automotive in real time and control the automobile remotely. We provide efficient fleet management service for different types of business categories, including company cars and logistic cars.

1. Automotive Emission GAS Analyzer 2. Opacity Smoke Meter 3. Automotive Diesel Collector 4. Smoke Automotive Leak Locator 5. Sound Level Meter 6. Automotive Infrared Thermometer 7. CO2 Monitor Established in 2004 in korea. Reliable quality and Competitive price, It is TAMITEK target and promise. Measure it, test it than you can satisfy it !

Coryo Emigration Corp.
Employment based immigration for dealership mechanic / technician jobs in the U.S. Visa & Immigration and International Recruitment Consultancy

1) i103LG The i103 l-g laser head is controlled through a comprehensive command rack that includes a laser source, control board, and security loops. 2) e10-C153 Amidst the range of standalone marking stations, the extreme accuracy and speed of the c153 mounted unit are unmatched. Using a unique electromagnetic marking technology, the c153 can adapt to various shapes and surface conditions, whether flat, concave, convex, circular, or raw. 3) e10R-i83 The robustly compact i83 was specifically engineered to integrate seemlessly into automated production lines. Easy to operate, it automatically detects the marking surface enabling rapid dot peen marking on components of various shapes, sizes, and surface materials. In addition to marking plastics and hardened steel (up to 62HRC), its unique electromagnetic driving technology does not require a separate pneumatic system. SIC Marking is a recognized leader in industrial marking, with a steadfast commitment to providing superior marking solutions and an achievement record that drives a tradition of delivering excellence. We engineer, manufacture, and distribute laser, dot peen, and scribing marking equipment, and respond to marking applications for a wide range of materials, including steel, carbide, titanium alloys, aluminum, and plastics. With operations in over 40 countries, SIC Marking offers standard, custom, and turnkey traceability systems for all industry profession from automotive to aerospace, metal working and plastics to defense, and medical to railway and construction.

Chicago Pneumatic
Impact Wrench, Ratchet Wrench, Grinder, Drill, Plater, Scaler, Hammer, Screwdriver, Nibbler, Riveter At Chicago Pneumatic, our goal is to deliver best-in-class global service and local support to our vehicle servicing, industrial and construction customers through a dedicated product portfolio and a strong network of authorized distributors. We generate added value by delivering the best solution to your needs based on our decades of experience. CP helps make tough jobs easier. - Reliable, robust compressors and tools for vehicle servicing, manufacturing and construction - A powerful mix of decades of experience and the drive to innovate, to provide you with the right equipment and services - A global presence for strong local support, including 100% committed distributors

YHBECO co.,Ltd
Electrical Precipitator , Mist Cleaner, CycleanCollector, air-conditioner ,Footwear Clean Mat etc. YHB, we founded in Dec. 1987, manufacture the electrical precipitator for industrial and catering company in specialize.We received the new technologies world -class Product Award from the Ministry of Commerce Industry and 300 million Export Tower Award in 2012. That means, our products guarantee the quality etc... In regarding the, Mist Cleaner & Oil Mist Cleaner are installed the all Korean Machine Tool Manufacturer as Doosan, WIA Hyundai, Whacheon, Hanwha, Daesungetc,,, and export to all over the world., We make the first and probably the last brilliant achievement as 20,000 units of mist cleaner manufacture and installation in Vietnam from Oct, 2014 to March, 2015 My Company’s mist cleaner market share is around 80 % over in Korea. Our currently export rate is 20% over to Japan, China, Italy, India, Southeast and Europe and in case of lock nut & power link part is 80% over share in domestic machine tool manufacturers. We have overseas branch as Osaka, Japan and Shanghai, China, Vietnametc for extend the market share in the world. In recently, we develop the shoes clean mat (FOOTWEAR CLEANER MAT) and has gained great favorable in market.Footwear Clean Mat block the fine dust and other harmful substances enter the room, so can maintain the clean environmental condition of indoor. You can find my company products to access the

Automatic A.T.F Changer Wi Jay Tech has continued to steadily develop and grow with the history of the Republic of Korea maintenance equipment. Jay tech wire are confident that customers want to develop the best products, we are constantly researching and working to the benefit of customers and the industry. It developed the most advanced automatic ATF devices sikineunde changes in the domestic environment of maintenance equipment to work with ATF passive devices And to play a leading role, with the continuous development and progress, including incorporating the industry's first voice features It is changing the trend of maintenance equipment in future. We constantly strive to study We will do our best to return the company to profitable customers you.

Japanese car professional cushion Rakuten Car Accessories No.1 "Mission-Praise" ICOCO Inc., based on South Korea, specializes in local logistics. ICOCO Inc. is South Korea's exclusive distributor of Mission-Praise, the #1 brand in automobile parts and accessory on Rakuten Global Market, Japan. ICOCO Inc. also imports and retails various electronics, automobile parts and accessories from other sources.

SeAh auto mation
1. tool set 2. borescope 3. work light 4. car tools 5. hand tools SeAh auto mation is a company that specializes in selling auto tools and industrial borescope. Only the development tools and automotive industrial borescope professionally for 20 years and has been sold. SeAh automation sells the representative of socket, wrench brand HEXA and automotive tools professional brand XEDA, industrial borescope professional brand XENCO has more than 30 distributors nationwide. We effort continue to grow as a company that is a customer with new product development and follow-up to the first priority.

1) DPF Cleaning Equipment 2) Bosch EPS205 1) Distributor of Bosch Test Equipment 2) Distributor of Dong-Ah ENC

Automatic Tyre Inflator, Tyre Wheel Balancer, Tyre changer Leading brand of Automatic Tyre Inflator. Even beginners can easily use to automatically inject / eject the desired air pressure and can be found in the stone to fine-punk tire ran the industry-leading capabilities by adding notification "voice". Dear customers we will always provide the best products and services.

JFS Industries Co.,
2 component cartridge, Mixing Tip, Dispenser, Spray coating Devices .F.S Industries Co., is the Korean distributor of Sulzer Mixpac AG in Swiss. Which are most famous and reliable brand in disposable 2K Cartridge & Mixing System(Including Static Mixer). Sulzer Mixpac provides all kind of plastics(Cartridge, Static Mixer, Dispenser, Accessory) to adhesive and paint industrial for easy and perfect mixing & Dispenser. We have all kind of Mixing solutions. Including the industrial two package type Cartridge, We have supplied the 2K Cartridge & Mixing system which is highly safe and convenient for 2K Adhesive & Paint use since 2001. Also be released in the fall of this(Nov,2012),We introduce 2-K spray coating systems for paint & protect coating. . 2-K spray coating applications for ships, pipelines, and steel constructions are often very complicated, entailing substantial labor costs and material waste. Sulzer Mixpac offers a unique solution on the basis of its tried-and-tested and well-known 2-K mixing technology.

Kukdong MES
-WINBLASTER Series -VRK-200 Compressor [Company] Kukdong MES has been buying/selling/leasing used containers, selling ISO/Flexi Tanks. As the official importer of IBIX in korea, we has been selling the IBIX Sandblaster not only in Korea, but also in Asia area. [Product] 1. WINBLASTER Series IBIX WINBLASTER Series are portable sandblasters using for metal surface treatment, removing paint and cleaning. 2. VRK-200 Compressor VRK-200 Compressor is a strong portable compressor operated by 24HP HONDA engine.

Remanufactured items (air conditioner compressor/alternator etc.) “” the biggest used auto parts mall in Korea “CarAllbaro” the half price auto repair using used parts INSUN MOTORS is the company that produce and distribute auto used parts, remanufactured parts (alternator, air conditioner compressor, start motors etc.) Especially, INSUN MOTORS is managing the quality control for provide reliable used parts to customers. All used parts from INSUN MOTORS are sold by QR code registration system that managing car history and pass 3rd quality test These parts are sold through “” which is the biggest auto used parts shopping mall in Korea, and these parts are able to be attach or detach by allied maintenance centers. Also, when repairing cars, it can be compared repair estimation with the “CarAllbaro” which is the real time mobile repairing application. In “CarAllbaro”, you can receive repair estimation. Especially If classic car owners want reduce repair cost, They can reduce repair cost by using used parts from INSUN MOTORS. INSUN MOTORS Built and provides ‘One-Stop’ system that include produce used parts to attach customer’s vehicles.

Miratec 100%Synthetic engine oil Protech Engine coating treatment, coolent additive Proshot fuel additive, water remover, engine flush Radiator flush etc ■ The company consists of two main parts, which are distribution and manufacturing, blessed by our expert personnel. However, the company puts the highest priority on our R&D to innovate the quality of the products and service for our faithful customers. The company, inspired by the enthusiasm for the best quality maintenance and updated cutting-edge technologies, has been exclusively using the finest products during the manufacturing process. The company mainly uses Lubrizol's specialty chemicals from the USA and several well-known synthetic base from the Germany and UK.

Daum Energy Co., Ltd
■ Hygen Carbon Cleaner 1. Improves fuel efficiency by restoring injector spray pattern and improving combustion efficiency. 2. Reduces engine noise and vibration by preventing engine knocking. 3. Cleans spark plugs and their improved functions leads do complete fuel combustions. 4. Cleans combustion chamber walls and piston heads. As carbon buildup is removed, immediate results will show: 1) improved engine performance of the vehicle. 2) Lower exhaust gas emission. 5. Removes carbon buildup at a much less cost than boring or overhauling and the engine. Company Name : Daum Energy Co., Ltd. CEO : Donald DH Lee Donald DH Lee : August 17, 2005 Capital : KRW7.5 Billion Main Business : Development and Production of Green Hydrogen Energy Devices Manufacture Hydrogen Water Purifier Overseas Plant Generation Development and Production of New/Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy